With a vision of ensuring that “Every Birth Matters”

The Bangalore Birth Network is a women-led NGO that believes all women should have access to the evidence-based information

& support required to ensure that they and their babies have the best possible start to life together.

We are a unique, women-focused network
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Every Woman Matters
Every Birth Matters
We believe in evidence-based information and care

BBN Interviewed in A Million Cuts

Exploring high C-section rates in India by CNA Insider

Our Co-founder Asha Kilaru and Director, Madhavi Latha were featured in a documentary, A Million Cuts, part of the series Uncover Asia produced by CNA Insider for MediaCorp, by Blue Petal Director films, Director Reshma Gosh Singapaorean public broadcast service. The documentary covers the industry drivers behind the high rates of unnecessary C-sections in India and the impact this has on birthing women and families. Asha Kilaru and Madhavi Latha provided expert testimony for the film and BBN is credited with “Research Support” on the film. A Million Cuts reached 1.1 million views and received a silver trophy at the 2023 Cannes Corporate Media & TV awards

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Counselling/Guidance is available in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam and Hindi

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Our Field of Expertise
Post Natal
BBN plays a big role in changing the field of Maternal and Child Health by nurturing an environment where all women have access to birth support and professionals through:

Our Mother-Child Helpline

Awareness and Education

Our Service Directory
of Support Services

Online connections through social media

Access to feedback on doctors through one-on-one counselling services

Networking with social change individuals and organizations

Outreach events that strengthen support networks

Our Programmes

Answers critical questions and provides information on pregnancy, birth, postnatal, infant health and beyond.

To know more, give us a missed call on 88848 64036

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Provides support that helps women and babies thrive in the first hour after birth.

To know more, give us a missed call on 88848 64036

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Documents care and treatment during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, identifies trends to inform advocacy and policy Click here to fill the Survey

Pilot test community interventions,  build partnerships and create awareness Read More

Watch this snapshot of all the exciting, meaningful work BBN does and how we ensure that “Every Birth Counts”