BBN Goals 

The goal of the Bangalore Birth Network is to raise awareness about and promote safe, supported birth and evidence-based, mother and baby friendly care from pregnancy through postpartum for women of all socio-economic backgrounds. 

BBN Objectives

To provide information and education to women and their families in English and regional languages that enhance their understanding of birth as a normal life process and enable them to make informed decisions.

To administer exchange forums about normal physiological birth and reproductive health through public events, educational seminars, online discussion groups, websites and meetings.

To support providers in the private and public sectors, whose aims are to deliver evidence based care, as well as provide training opportunities for providers who wish to provide mother and baby-friendly services.

To focus on providing women from lower socio-economic backgrounds access to the most up-to-date, evidence based and humane mother and baby-friendly care.

To conduct research and programs related to humane, evidence-based prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum related issues. To make data and findings available to the general public and policy makers to make informed decisions. 

To promote respectful, evidence based maternity care through any possible programs, or research and advocacy activities.