The BBN is a forum for exchange, for people from all walks of life, who share a common interest in pregnancy and birth as a normal life process. We are a non-hierarchical network, making joint decisions and sharing responsibilities for tasks. Participation in the network is open to all regardless of caste, creed, color, birth language, sexual orientation, culture, race or religion. Currently the administrators for the network are: Asha Kilaru, Nora Kropp, Anahita Bhatia, Celestina Cavinder and Chetana Kulkarni.

The BBN supports
  • Allowing women’s chosen support people, including fathers/partners and doulas, in labour wards and delivery rooms
  • Ending non-evidence-based, routine procedures such as routine episiotomies, pubic shaving and enemas
  • Reduction of Cesarean rates to those recommended by the WHO (10-15%)
  • Public right to access of maternity unit statistical data and individual records